Inmate can hear me talking before answering or accepting call

My boyfriend was calling me for the 4th time today from county jail. Before I answered, as it was still ringing, I said to my friend "why is he calling again? is he trying to run out of money" an then proceeded to hit answer. Without listening for the first prompt I press 5 like I have 700 x before and start listening for the cue to start talking. then the lady starts with "You've got a call from inmate Paul blah blah this call may be recorded and monitored. press 5 to accept". .Ok So I hit 5 for the second time cuz maybe I just hit it too fast at first. Finally she says you may begin speaking now" so I say hey babe AND PAUL SAYS " WHO DID U JUST ASK WHY IM CALLING AGAIN? IM NOT GONNA RUN OUT OF MONEY JUST WANTED TO CALL N SAY GOODNIGHT"
I swear to you I had not hit the answer button let alone pressed 5 to accept the call. My phone was RINGING LOUD AF still on my end but he was able to hear me talking to my friend like I had the phone up to my face talking to him.
I was aware all our conversations were being recorded but no one ever mentioned they start listening before I even answer the phone. And the whole purpose of me having to press 5 is to confirm I want to talk to him in the first place. & that I consent to being recorded. How can if start recording when I haven't even had a chance to answer my phone and give anyone permission to hear or speak to me? Please someone explain if my phone has been hacked into or is tapped. BASICALLY i just want how this was possible. And what to do to make it not happen again

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