Which would you choose - Incredible or Fascinate?

I currently use a Motorola Droid which is rooted (non-themed Cyanogenmod 6.0) and overclocked to 1GHz. It's served me well, but I even with the CM6 and overclock I find it still is slow to respond often. And regardless of which launcher I use it'll relaunch frequently and redraw all the icons and widgets after what I can only assume is a low-memory state.

So, I'm thinking of upgrading to a newer phone. I'd like to stay on Verizon (not touching AT&T and unfortunately T-Mobile isn't very good where I live and work).

The options are, of course, the HTC Incredible, the Droid X, the Droid 2 and the upcoming Samsung Fascinate. Now, I almost never use the keyboard on my Droid, so I'm not too keen on the Droid 2. The Droid X, I find, is simply too big. I honestly don't need or particularly want a phone that size...

Which leaves me with either the Incredible or the Fascinate. I would like whichever phone I get to have a reasonably good developer following like my original Droid has had. I enjoy new ROMs and would rather not always have to rely on Verizon for OS updates (which is where the root access and developer support comes in).

I've read the Galaxy S phones have less-than stellar battery life and that they have a slow, inaccurate GPS (and not sure if it's hardware or software). TouchWiz may still be immature and experience with the Galaxy S is limited as the phone is so new, so custom ROMs may be few for a while.

The Incredible is a bit slower and has been around a while longer, but has a very mature UI (HTC Sense) and has reasonable developer support for custom ROMs. Battery life also is a bit of an issue but I understand greatly helped with a Sedeio OEM-sized extended.

So, which would you choose - the Incredible or the Fascinate?

Help me pick my next phone.

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