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Hello everyone, I'm about to experience my first Android phone for the very first time, but I've always had a bit of confusion about "android". I've tried searching for these answers, but have never seem to have any luck. At first I never cared because I never owned an android phone, but now that I will be receiving my Samsung Captivate, I feel that I have a stronger need to understand. Maybe these will help future android users too?

1) I understand that Android is a mobile OS made for mobile phones. It is made by google, and is a software, not hardware. Does this mean the only difference between android phones will be the hardware and physical aspect of the phone? The OS will all look the same whether its an HTC EVO, Motorolla Droid, Samsung Galaxy S?

Similar to how Windows 7 os looks exactly and works exactly the same whether its on a Dell, Gateway, HP, or Sony?

My second question is related to question one. What is the difference between a Motorolla Droid X vs a Samsung Galaxy S besides the hardware? Reason I ask is because I know both are android phones that are currently part of the popular bunch. When you remove the hardware aspects, what do you have left?

If I look at the UI for a Droid X vs an HTC EVO 4G, will they be the same?

4) What is Motorolla Blur vs Samsung's Touchwhiz?

5) I've read reviews and forums where its mentions how a certain phone would be ran with the android OS, but also the manufactures own OS on top of it? Im not sure if this question is clear.

6) My first time ever hearing about android was with the Tmobile G1, and I felt that it was awful. I've never looked into another android phone since then. I'm assuming the 2.1 is a lot newer than the G1?

If anyone's kind enough to ease my understanding this will definitely help a lot. Thanks!

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