Huge Hidden File Count on SD Card causing file copy issues

I am experiencing a strange issue. I bought a larger SD to replace my current one. (128GB to 256GB with external storage encryption turned on with current card)
I first tried to just copy all data via file copy in Windows Explorer but it kept failing with corrupted file errors. It actually completely hung up my laptop once in Windows Explorer and had to do a hard restart.

As part of the file copy process windows explorer told me there were over 40,000 files to copy? I'm certain although I have a lot of files (Music and media mostly) I am estimating I have perhaps 4-5,000 actual files on my current card. The suspect corrupted files all ended with .atv? I could not tell where they were on the drive. The same *.atv files names kept flashing repeatly as they were being copied.

2nd attempt via card in device (Samsung Galaxy Tab S3) copying through USB connection to new card connected via card reader. (Doing this on a Surface Pro 3 with docking station). This is of course much slower but I had the same issue and that is when the Surface hung up when the copy process failed again with a file corruption issue.

When doing a Chkdsk action on the card removed it produced endless errors of corrupted sectors that I just had to stop running. When placing the card in device or in card reader it produced no errors when automatically mounting.

Could this be an issue with encryption? FYI - I can confirm there is nothing wrong with the new card. I can copy other data without issues from another source.

Another weird behavior, in attempt to remove encryption as an option, which I couldn't find directly in settings, removing drive, putting back in device a number of times, running chkdsk directly, the card all of a sudden states it is no longer encrypted? At least I am prompted now when putting card in device to turn encryption on?

Anyone have any ideas on huge number of hidden files or run into this. I was hoping to save app data and downloaded files as part of apps that reside on SD Card so I wouldn't have to re-setup up a number of apps and do the downloads all over again, (movie apps primarily.) I have not rooted the system or expanded the internal file system via SD Card. I didn't know that could be done until starting to research this issue.

Seem unable to find clean way of cloning source SD Card. I would think doing so, putting back in same device should be clean?

Could it be malware or virus potentially? I do have those protections turned on and scans produce no know issues on data.

Thanks for any potential ideas offered!


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