[Nexus 5X] Phone encrypted with 5x5 pattern, but will only allow a 3x3 pattern

Hello all,

I had flashed my Nexus 5X with Lineage 15.1 and then rooted it with SuperSU and it worked perfectly; Until I flashed GAPPs (Apparently you are supposed to install GAPPs before rooting). My phone was freaking out after I flashed GAPPs (Apps that worked before just wouldn't open anymore, the camera couldn't take pictures or video, I couldn't use Google Services Framework, calls would disconnect after a minute, YouTube videos would stop after 8 minutes 16 seconds, etc. General mayhem). I tried all the tricks I knew to fix my issues (Rebooting, Uninstalling and reinstalling Apps, clearing cache via Custom Recovery, Updating, anything I could find to do). I eventually decided that I would just flash stock android. [NOTE: I had a 5x5 pattern lock. I didn't think this would be an issue, as I thought the encryption would be removed when I wiped the drive] So I booted into my custom recovery of choice (TWRP 3.2.3) and wiped my device, then sideloaded the stock Nexus 5X image. I boot into android and I am presented a 3x3 pattern. I thought that this must be some cached code, so I boot into the bootloader to see if I can clear dalvik/cache. But apparently, the custom recovery had been wiped (When I choose Custom Recovery in the bootloader, I just see an android figure on its back, its stomach open. It has the text 'No Command'.) I have tried to get ADB to work, but my device isn't recognized in any state (In the bootloader, in recovery mode, booted with the unencryption screen present).

General Information:
VARIANT - bullhead LGH790 32GB
HW VERSION - rev_1.0
DEVICE STATE - unlocked

TLDR: My phone is encrypted with a 5x5 pattern, but I can only enter a 3x3 pattern. I have no custom recovery, and no (Apparent) way to use ADB. Is there some other method of wiping everything from my phone that I haven't found during my hours of research, or is it perma-borked?

All in all, I messed up big time. I should have done more research before flashing GAPPs, and I should have removed the encryption just to be safe. I understand, if there is no way to wipe my phone. This is my last attempt before having to switch to a flip phone.

Thank you for your time and consideration. It is much appreciated.


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