[Q] Samsung Galaxy Proclaim: Non supported battery after root... Fix?

I've searched and searched, but come up with nothing, and I couldn't find a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim/Illusion thread here, so I figured that this would be the next best thing. Please tell me if this is the wrong section or if there's a better place to put this. I'd really like this problem rectified.

So today I decided I'd root my phone. After that was all said and done, I started up the phone and got a message, "unable to charge non supported battery see user manual." I never had any problems with this new battery, an Acesoft 1800 mAh that I've had for about a 1.5 months. I bought this battery because my old Samsung battery got fried. (I took it out and dropped it into water...)

I just purchased a Samsung battery off of amazon for $10, hoping that it'll come and fix all this.

I wanted better battery life, a faster phone, etc... None of that is useful if I can't charge my battery.

I used this root guide:
theunlockr (dot) com/2012/12/29/how-to-root-the-samsung-galaxy-proclaim/

(I'm new, I can't post links yet. I'm sure you know what to do to go to the webpage)

So, my question: How do I fix this "non supported battery" mishap? Is there a different root or kernal I have to use? Will the Samsung battery I ordered fix this?


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