[Q] Standard scatter file description THL phones

I realise scatter files are different for every phone and manufacturer.
However, I'm really struggling to find out what each memory slot is actually used for.
Some are obvious but some don't make much sense to me......there doesn't seem to be any standard desciptions anywhere.
I checked my W8 Beyond scatter file and noticed that the "__NODL*" do not feature when you load a scatter file into Flash_tools.
Why is this ???? I can see each block follows the previous one.
I can only think that these are reserved blank memory allocations ?

MBR 0x600000
EBR1 0x680000
__NODL_PMT 0x700000
__NODL_PRO_INFO 0xb00000
__NODL_NVRAM 0xe00000
__NODL_PROTECT_F 0x1300000
__NODL_PROTECT_S 0x1d00000
__NODL_SECCFG 0x2700000
UBOOT 0x2720000
BOOTIMG 0x2780000
RECOVERY 0x2d80000
SEC_RO 0x3380000
__NODL_MISC 0x3980000
LOGO 0x3a00000
EBR2 0x3d00000
__NODL_EXPDB 0x3d80000
ANDROID 0x4780000
CACHE 0x2d180000
USRDATA 0x34f80000
__NODL_FAT 0x134f80000

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