[Q] A few questions about the Note 2

Hello, Im new here, Just heard about XDA and how its the best forum (knowledge-wise) out there. I dont have enough knowledge and experience with smartphones (Im more of a PC freak, building and hardware and stuff) but smartphones are a whole different subject.

lately Im having some "hangings" on my Galaxy Note 2 (N7100, 4.1.2 stock) it started when browsing firefox, and continuing to Whatsapp, it started freezing for a minute or so.. (which is quite a long period of time like u probably know.)

I started checking the whole Root&ROMs subject, and also found out that there's a way to update my phone to Android 4.3 JellyBean.

so here are my q's , What is the most CURRENT stable OFFICIAL OS (from what I saw online there's no 4.4.2 for Isarel-ILO (if it matters at all? Because I've seen a few official EU versions from various countries) and people just get a custom ROM of 4.4.2 to run it and also that quite a few ppl on here had some issues with it and were pretty happy about 4.3. So what do u think ?

also, I will probably need the best ROM for the OS you will recommend next (from what I read ROMs can boost phone performence) but I am not sure about it yet

but I am certain that I'm gonna root my phone, but can u tell me exactly how does rooting help ? I mean in which aspects and such..?

Thank you very much in advance, 73RM1N470R.

** just fyi, I figured I'd hard reset my phone and then update the Android to 4.3/4.4.2 which would help the hanging issue , and then root it. (not 100% sure about the ROMs..)

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