[Q] HTC Droid DNA Stuck on Black Screen


I'm new to these kinds of things like forums and stuff like that, so sorry if I'm not that clear with what I'm saying. If I could also get some criticism on the post itself and how I can improve, it'd be a great help!

I've had this phone since November of 2013 and this is my first time encountering this problem. After getting home from school, I took my phone out of my backpack and tried waking it(simply pressing the power button so I could see the lock screen), then I noticed nothing would happen. I tried again and again then noticed that the 3 "buttons" at the bottom of my phone were lighting up when I unlocked it, and disappear when locking it. Once I unlocked it, I was able to turn the volume higher and lower, listen to music(because I remember what the layout looks like before it had a black screen), and even (somewhat) use apps. Every time I hear my phone ring, it really makes me want to punch it, because I know that the phone itself is working, but just the screen won't turn on. Like even when I registered for xda-developers, my phone rang once I got the e-mail to verify my account.

I looked at a bunch of other threads before creating this one. Some said to hold down Power Button, Volume +, and Volume - for 30-60 seconds. I tried doing this multiple times, each time holding down the buttons a different amount of seconds, and nothing happened. I let the 3 icons at the bottom blink 15 times, wait a few seconds, let it vibrate, then let go. The longer I held the buttons, the more it would vibrate(about one vibrate for every 15 seconds). I hear the sound effects when turning it on and off("Droid" in the robot voice, then followed by some weird robot-sounding noises). Some people just said to let it charge, and I also tried that. Nothing happened, really, it just charged.

I've been thinking of letting the battery die out, but who wouldn't think of that? So I just ditched that idea. Tell me if I should try it, though, please.

My phone's pretty beat up, but nothing to the point where some parts of the screen would stop working, just two pretty big cracks on it. Sorry, I can't post pictures 'cause I'm new > <

If you guys could help me out with this, or just tell me if it doesn't work at all, it'd be a great help.

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