[Q] HELP! VLC for Android locking up - EE Kestrel (Huawei G535)

Hey, I am having trouble with VLC for Android on my EE Kestrel (Huawei G535), I was fed up with Google Play music, it was driving me crazy to be frank, so I have started using VLC as my main music player and so far it seems to be doing a wonderful job, nice UI, full of features, and it doesn't seem to lose 20gb of music like Play Music does, however that is also where the problem lies, the amount of music I have, over 25gb of it, stuck on a class 10 32gb Micro SD card. Whenever I slide from the left in VLC and enter the 'Audio' view, VLC seems to lock up for as much as half a minute and it is really starting to bug me, other than this I love the player and would happily use it but I am afraid I may have to find another player if I cannot get this issue solved, when I enter the 'Artists' tab VLC locks up for a while, when it frees up again the scrolling and everything is really smooth, I can select an artist, it'll show all of their albums no trouble, entering the 'Now Playing' bit works fine too, select a song, it plays, tap the bottom bar and it shows you what is playing along with some pretty panning album artwork, very nice! However when I tap the back button to go back to the 'Artists'/'Albums'/'Songs' view it locks up again, I am not sure if this is an issue with VLC or if it is just the sheer amount of music I have, I'm pretty sure it isn't my device because it used to do it on my tablet too if I had a 32gb card in (different memory card so it isn't that either), one thing I must give to Play Music is that it always seems to load all of my music almost instantly, why does VLC take so long, please help, any solutions would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a screenshot, as you can see it has locked up as the side pane is closing

Thanks in advance!

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