[Q] No update.zip is working for my Lenovo S6000L

Hi all!
My Lenovo S6000L entered on a bootloop more than one week ago, apparently with no cause (no modifications made). The first thing I tried was entering recovery mode and wipe data and cache. Both were apparently successful. Then I reboot again and it continues with the bootloop (done this about 99 times).

Since then i have been reading as much as I could about what to do, but unsuccessfully. I decided to wipe dalvik-cache and see what happens, but the only way it came to my mind was using a update.zip file on the SD-card (because the SD-card is the only one place I can access). Here the problems became more annoying: haven't been able to run till the end any of the update.zip files I downloaded or made according with the tutorials I found. The message is always:
-- Install /sdcard ...
Installation aborted.

I have tried removing everything from the updater-script excepting the ui_print('Whatever') commands, hoping to see something else on my screen (and being afraid of errors being caused by eMMC access error), but message is the same.

Things I have tried:

  • Signed and unsigned zips
  • Unix and Windows line breaks on the script file (I'm using Sublime Text)
  • Writing all the commands in one line (anyways leaving one empty line at the end of the file)

No changes on the output of the screen. One of the downloaded zip files I have tried is a CWM ZIP, hoping to enter in a recovery mode that could let me delete de dalvik-cache (even if not sure yet about how much that could help).

In bootloop is quite difficult to use dba. I haven't been able to access the tablet using the computer yet. It' also quite challenging to get a stock ROM for this model.

Any help? I feel quite desperate.

Thanks for your time.

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