[Q] Flashed CM11 M10 on LG LS970 - Installed On Different Partition?

Model number: LG Optimus G (LS970)
CyanogenMod version: 11-20140916-SNAPSHOT-M10-ls970
Android version: 4.4.4
Kernel Version: 3.4.0-CM+

Hello all,

First time poster, long-time lurker. I've been using Android for years now, trying out different ROMs. Consider myself pretty much an amateur still though. I usually find all the answers and guides by searching either this forum or finding other sources on Google. I can't really find anything that's helping me with what I'm dealing with here, so post I will.

I decided that I was tired of Jelly Bean on my Optimus G, so I found CM11 M10. I flashed it through CWM Recovery. I followed all the steps I found on True Android (I can't post external links). It flashed, boots and runs just fine. Soon after installing some of my apps, and putting some of my music back on, my phone very soon alerted me that it's internal storage was full. I should have 25GB total space, and I only put less than 1GB of stuff on it. As I analyze my storage usage, though, it says 24GB used. But when it breaks it down into storage usage by category, it only adds up to a couple of gigabytes. I tried to see what Clean Master would do for me, but it only said that around 2GB worth of data could be cleaned or removed. As I use the file manager to see what's on my phone, there's really nothing there that should fill up my internal SD card. When I boot into recovery and select the option to install from zip, it looks like all of my old folders and files are there from before flashing CM11. When I reboot the phone though, I can't find those old files anywhere int he file manager. It's almost as if CM11 was installed on a different partition or something (hopefully I'm suing the right terminology there). It boils down to this: Why is all my data still there, but not accessible at all? Why wasn't everything wiped when I went through the steps? I followed them to a T.

Am I missing something fairly simple?

UPDATE: I've found the data from before flashing in Root Browser. It is stored in data/media, while the new ROM seems to be stored in storage/emulated/0. Any tips on where to go from here, and how to prevent this in the future?

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