Serious issues with CM13 on Xiaomi Mi4 - please help!

Hi! I've been reading this forum on and off for few years, but never actually posted. Hope someone here can help me sort out my issue, thanks in advance!

Basically, I've flashed a cm13 via custom recovery on my second phone - Xiaomi Mi4, and I'm having all sorts of issues with it. I bought the phone in China, and for a while
used the stock MIUI interface, but I hated all the bloated apps and weird pop-up advertising, so decided to flash. it was the first time i've attempted it, so it took some
time to figure it out

My two main issues with cm13:
1. It crashes and restarts two/three times daily for me. I mean, I've cleared cache, I basically have no apps on the phone (apart from few messaging apps and facebook).
Is it just because it's an early cm13 build, or it's a nature of custom roms? I'm wondering if switching to a snapshot cm12 build would be better? I don't really care for
android 6 features on this phone that much, I just want a stable experience.
2. The charging became uber slow, painfully so. On MIUI it'd charge to 100% in about 3 hours or so. On cm13 it takes 3-4 hours to get to 30-40%! Never seen anything like
this. Also, if the battery depletes to 0%, the phone wouldn't turn on, even plugged in for charging. It'd turn on after an hour or two into the charging process. Seems weird,
as every other android phone I've owned previously would turn on even with 0% battery if I'm plugged in.

Anyone else experience any of the listed issues? Is it just an early build, or I've done something wrong in the flashing process? I really just want a stable simple os, no advanced
features or whatever, just need it to work


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