Storage/Memory Card Help with HTC-thanks!

This is my first time asking for help on here. One thing I have learned after being on here less than 3 months, is that it drives the XDA techs/experts ABSOLUTELY CRAZY when people ask for help when many of them do NOT bother to take the time to research to see the answers have either already been posted or asked.

Also, many people do not EVEN BOTHER TO RESEARCH for squat..........and that is putting it politely. I have helped provide answers already to some people and ALWAYS do my research first, which is why I have never had to ask for help. So, THANK YOU to all of those who have helped people like me solve simple to complex problems without the need to bother anyone. BUT NOW I NEED HELP...sad to say.......and I should know this but I am confused after spending the last 3 hours reading up and down and typing every which way to find my answer: so any help is much appreciated from me, whom by the way is a huge fan of this site.

My Question Is This:[/SIZE]
How do I use my brand new 16gb storage card to be used as the default for EITHER all files, apps and other things or just for my programs and my documents?????

So far, I only copied all the My Documents into the storage card. From reading all the other posts, some people just move my doc and programs.

Is there a way I can make the storage card my default my docs and programs? If so, what other apps or files/folders do I need to move over the the storage card that may be associated with these?

I understand some things will use the internal memory on the phone but I would like to AUTOMATICALLY download straight to storage card all programs and use my docs as my DEFAULT.

What registry keys do I need to tap into to change these options and what do I do? I am not worried about the storage card lagging since I use my phone to mainly make calls, but I hate the poor storage on the phone that limits me from downloading all of my favorite tools. I already have some main things I know I will need: Rescoe Explorer and Registy Programs and will be downloading Cab Installation Program.

I extremely apologize if my post is long but I rather write it out in plain English and have a few people help me who know what they are doing versus having people not understand the questions (I notice some people do not know how to ask their questions right, which lead to confusing answers and butt jokes from people)..........I prefer the former.

Again, I appreciate all the help I can get. I ask only one last thing, PLEASE if you respond to make sure you know how to answer. I rather prefer the answers from the techs/experts who have already done these on their phones with good results. Thank you XDA for all of your hard work and efforts.

-KTA =0) is now 2:55 am on the east coast and I am off to bed.

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