Hi Guys & Gals.

First, a thanks for the website. It's a good read, and I've got some useful info off it. Don't know enough in this field to contribute though.

I've got a generic "which phone" question for you all.

I currently have an Orange SPV C600 (HTC Tornado), upgraded to WM 6.1. I use it mostly for phone calls, e-book reading with Mobipocket (probably 95% of the time I actually use the thing for), and sat-nav using TomTom 5 and an external Holux GPSlim 236 (which I've had to re-solder the BT module, due to the dodgy batch of receivers).

The phone is now showing its age (I bought it 2nd hand almost 3.5 years ago). It won't always start TomTom (only about 20% of time will it start properly) , it'll randomly flatten itself overnight, hangs mysteriously etc.

I now want a newer phone. Money is tight though, so I can't justify spending large sums (e.g. >£80/$130) of money on a new phone, even on a contract (my mobile bill is typically £8 a month: £3 calls, £5 data).

I'm currently looking at...

SPV M700
SPV M3100 (Hermes?)
HTC TYTN II (Kaiser)
HTC Touch Diamond (1st version, only if going for silly money on ebay)
HTC Touch Pro (1st version, only if going for silly money on ebay)

Wish list...
Touch screen
Keyboard would be nice.
Better res than 240x320 would be nice

My thoughts on the list are...


Can be quite expensive on ebay (can be cheap though). Fits all of the important stuff though. Not too old.


No GPS, but has keyboard. *Can* be bought fairly cheaply, because it's quite an old model now. I've borrowed an O2 XDA (which is AFAIK the Orange SPV M3000, which is a 3100 less the 3G and WiFi). Getting on a bit.


Has everything, but have read many bad reviews online about graphics performance (has this been fixed?) and battery life.
Allowing for the down sides, this (so far) is my favourite, in that it ticks all of the boxes.

I *think* I've even seen a video on Youtube of someone getting TouchFlo 3D working on it.

It's getting on a bit too, but Expansys still sell them new (oddly enough for more than a Touch Pro!)


Gorgeous screen, No keyboard, no expansion, ticks all the other boxes. Main downside is the cost. Even a broken one went for £52 on ebay!

Touch Pro.

As Diamond, but including keyboard, got expansion, ticks all boxes. Even more expensive than Diamond.

Are there any other phones I should be looking at? Have I missed a point somewhere? Am I better of sticking with my ancient flaky phone and waiting for the Diamond II prices to push the Diamond prices down? I need help here!



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