Treo 700w Verizon update 1.22 for SD Card?

Sorry if this was previously answered way back when the Treo 700w was new (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), but I'm using this phone to hold me over while I wait for some of the phones soon to be out.

My question is this... I have not been able to find a version of the newest update available for the Treo 700w on Verizon (Version 1.22) that is made to be installed through the SD / Memory Card. The Palm Website has an offering of a similar incarnation for the Treo 700p (palm based OS), but for the 700w (windows based OS) it seems they only offer it in a sync cable version or a wireless sync version, but not in an SD Card version. This is a problem for me, because I don't have a sync cable, and don't have the ability to wireless sync.

I figured at some point in the past someone must have developed one that was identical, just able to be loaded through an SD Card. This is my only way of doing it. I actually happen to have a Treo 700p as well, and the SD Card update worked great, I just can't use the phone. Anyway, did anyone ever develop that Treo 700w Verizon 1.22 update in an SD Card install version?

Any help is most appreciated. I already ran the WM 6.1 ROM on it that someone has up here, works great, but I'd just like to get the newest available Palm Fix on it. Unless there are other alternatives that are just as good or better than can be put on through the SD.

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