Windows Mobile Calendar - show all day events in Today Screen

I was confused as to why my birthdays in the Calendar were not showing up in the Today Screen. After searching the forums I found that it is a known 'feature' of Windows Mobile (6.5) and the answer is to install Calendar+, a freeware alternative Today Screen PlugIn which does show All Day appointments on the Today Screen. I installed this and now the Birthdays, Anniversaries and so on that are in my Calendar show in the Today Screen perfectly.

Well, almost perfectly.

I had used SyncMate (free edition) to copy the Contact and Calendar information from my Apple Mac into my Windows Mobile 'phone (Toshiba TG01) and the now showing Birthdays/Anniversaries had a number in brackets displayed following the title [ Mum Birthday 1953 (2) ]. I couldn't figure out what this was for a start, then following another search of the forums I found out that the number in brackets should display the Birthday age or number of years of an Anniversary.

Now even I could see, that if my Mum was born in 1953, she could not be 2 years old! But trying to correct this error seemed impossible. Yet another search of the forums came up with no answers, this time, I was on my own.

The way to correct this is less than obvious, so I thought I'd share my tip.

Open up the erroneous calendar entry, select Menu > Edit. If the message pops up asking if you want to edit All or One occurrence, select All. Tap the field next to Occurs, change this from 'Every March 30' (or relevant date!) to 'Once'. Now tap the field next to Starts, tap the Year and use the down arrow to set the year to 1953 (for my Mum!), tap outside the date entry area twice, then (VERY IMPORTANTLY) change the Occurs field back to 'Every March 30', finally click OK. If you forget to change the 'Occurs' field back to 'Every March 30' (or relevant date!) you will have to navigate back to 1953 to find the Birthday/Anniversary and then change 'Occurs' to 'Every March 30' or you'll never see the entry again!

The steps for a non touchscreen device should be fairly similar, but I have no such device and cannot check...

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