Weird problem with an LG phone

Hello y'all.

Alright, I am totally, completely uneducated on these matters. I had what seemed like a hardbricked phone (LG Optimus F3Q D520), maybe it was just a battery problem. Anyway, I looked up my problem on the internet, was out of options, saw that something called Fastboot could maybe unbrick my phone.

So I give this a shot, I download something called "platform tools". I don't even know what's in there, a bunch of files. I see Fastboot.exe, click on it expecting some sort of software to pop up. Instead, a window appears with coding in it and disappears like a second later. I don't do anything else than clicking on this. Note, my phone is seemingly dead but it's connected to my pc at that moment.

Now I decide that I'm in way over my head, I forget all about this. A day later, I plug my phone in a charger to see if maybe it would charge up, and the LG logo pops up. So I thought this would be it, but I then get this message : "Secure boot error! Cause: boot certification verify" and it doesn't go further.

After looking this specific error up on google, all I see is stuff like "rooting", "bootloading" etc. At that point, I started to suspect that perhaps I had modified my phone with this little Fastboot.exe venture of mine.

What do you guys think? Any hope whatsoever?

Thank you so much for reading through all this, I appreciate it !

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