[Q] Need Help! Milestone 2

ok, so here's the thing... I have almost no experience with android, but I want to be messing with my phone so I can learn from experience...

I read that motoblur eats up a lot of CPU from the phone, so I tried to remove some parts that I though they would not affect the functionally of the phone. basically I uninstalled the socialmedia and other similar software that was "related" or had socialmedia on the name.

as a result, my contacts that sync from facebook were deleted from the contact list.

so before I started to remove these programs, extensions, or whatever, I made a backup of each using titanium backup, but when I tried to restore the backup, no matter with which one I started, the thing didn't restore the program, it just stayed as "performing installation" or something and nothing happen. I leave a "restoration" of one of the programs all night and nothing...

so I decided to make a hard rest to the phone. And the nighmare begins...

Once the phone boots, the first thing you see is the configuration of the motoblur account, so I just input my user and pass and hit next and nothing happens...

well, that's no true, it goes back to home screen of the motoblur configuration and ask me to do the account setup again, and again and again... you get the point. it's cycled or I remove something that does not allow the process to continue... and since I cannot configure the blur account, I cannot access the Phone to use it, or make a system nandroid backup, a restore of app o even make a phonecall that it's not a emergency (911) call.

I'm affraid to start messing with the phone since I'm located in Mexico, and my provider is telcel, so I don't know if all of the roms and hacks will leave my phone working in my country (I've only seen rom from argentina, china, europe, so I'm a little scared to start messing with the roms)

Is there any way to patch the motoblur 2.2.1 like in this post?

can the phone be booted to install gingerbread without any special software installed? the phone was rooted, but since I made a hard reset, I don't know if it remains rooted...

help please

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