New phone. Galaxy s 2 El.29 sph-d710 question

First off, Hello . First post

I've been reading through the forums for hours and cant find an answer.

My phone is a Sprint Galaxy S 2

I've been using Odin, 1.85 and 3.04, and flashed a rooted kernel? and It was fine except for the yellow triangle, ohh and WIFI loss and radio going to sleep (no signal until reboot). After about 6 hours of that and trying to fix that, I found the rooted restore file inthis fourm and did a full wipe and restore. I've only had the phone for 2 or 3 weeks, so not much to reinstall and my titanium backups from my droid 3 i figured were useless. Anyways, the full restrore with root was perfect. Checked with root checker pro. All Apps work, life is good. Except, the Odin counter is still at 3. No yellow triangle though.

I've read numerous threads, even the thread where the link to the restore file was and it read i that it wouldnt have the jig issue, but it still does, possibly because the phone is brand new. I also read, I can go an earlier version bootloader and that will enable the JIG again. Another option, not sure if i read it correctly, was to flash to EL26? then back to 29? Either way, it seems there werent many specifics regarding my particular brand/model phone, just warning that if i use the wrong file, it could brick.

So my question is, how to I enable my phone usb JIG to work? I made my own using a micro usb plug end and 2 1/2 watt 150ohm resistors, made a second one with a 1/4 watt 320 ohm too.

I figured id give as much info as i could :cyclops

Apologies if this is in the wrong section

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