Samsung Intrepid SPH-i350 sms when 3g active problem

Hello. I have a problem with my phone, which i did not faced before on other Windows Mobile devices (this is my firs 6.5 one).
Samsung Customer support, lighlty saying, did not helped me redirecting me to my carrier, which i do know is not faulty.
So, when phone have established 3G data connection (neverthless is it internet or mms) i cannot send text messages. Phone acts like there is no range or number was invalid.
When i switch band from WCDMA to GSM, full duplex works like charm. In my opinion i've paid (it's second hand device, but who cares:P) for fully featured phone and switching band does not solve my problem (in my place only WCDMA works, on GSM band voice calls are choppy and signal still gets lost).
I would me more that gratefull is someone can help me with this strange problem. Phone is used in Polish network Play Mobile (260 04), is sim unlocked (don't know was is locked at all earlier).
What i've done: i've changed sim card to other provider (T-Mobile), did hard reset, upgraded to latest ROM (upgrade_tool_for_sph-i350_ver., and lurked in registry searching 3g-, data-, duplex- related keys and values.
Someone faced similiar problem in this device or system?
edit. After checking some settings on SGH-i600 i've found that there's setting to change SMS sending method. It's called 'Send SMS Option' in Connections,and it has 'Network seletion' (not selection ;p) with options 'PS preferred' and 'CS preferred'. In my opinion it's Nokia's coresponding option 'sms over GPRS', which makes on Nokia device to send messages faster.
Anyways, changing this option to PS changes value in HKLM/Comm/Cellular/SMS/Router/ServiceOption from 4 to 8. Changing this value on target device (i350) does make smses not to send at all, regardless if data connection is on or off.

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