[Q]AOKP boot loops after premature battery pull

I've had AOKP (can't remember which version..) installed for a while now and it's been acting funny, boot looping from time to time, but a simple battery pull fixed it each time.

Today I was turning off the phone to switch out the battery, and pulled out the battery before it had finished shutting down the "proper" way. Now when I turn it on, it gets stuck at "Initiating Swagger" with the pink unicorn. I've tried wiping the dalvik cache and formatting /cache.

I'd like to preserve some of the photos and texts, as well as all my apps which I, completely stupidly, didn't back up with Titanium Backup even though I've been meaning to for a little while now. I'm ready to reset and install a new rom if I have to, but I was wondering if there was a simple fix I'm overlooking since all I did was pull the battery out too early, rather than having done anything substantial like installing a new rom. Really appreciate any help, I've been phoneless all day and would love to not go through the motions of a whole new rom.


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