[Q] Zeepad 7.0 (Allwinner A13) Screen Won't Rotate (Tough One?)

I purchased two of these tablets from NoMoreRack.com. Immediately tried to root one using Uberizer. It screwed it up. I downloaded the firmware from Zeepad website and Livesuit. Did full format and reinstall of stock firmware but now the G-sensor doesn't work. When I turned on the second one, there was a g-sensor app that immediately loaded at first boot. It works fine. The g-sensor app would load on the first one before it was bricked and restored with stock rom. I used Uberizer to do a Rom Dump of the second functioning tablet. I was able to root the second by using the Impactor program. What I would like to do is extract the g-sensor software and code and install it to the first tablet. After some research, I have seen some people say that the g-sensor may be "commented" out in a rc file or something. I'm new to this, so I don't know where to find these files or how to edit them. I have all the KO files from /system/vendor directory. I did figure out the sensor is mxc622x on the working tablet. It is loaded on the non rotating tablet as well. I get the impression that the stock img file from zeepad.net does not have it turned on. I have re-installed the stock firmware several times. Tablet works in every way except it won't auto rotate unless a program calls for it. For example: Tablet is in portrait mode. A game is loaded that requires landscape. Tablet will rotate to landscape and stay that way until another program "rotates" back.

Summed up:
How can I check to see if the g-sensor is "turned off" or "commented" in a system file and turn it back on?
Can I turn the Rom Dump into a Img file that I can flash?
Anyone else have any other ideas?


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