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Hello my friends, I need your urgent replies and suggestions please and please read them all and help me with this situation that I will explain below:

My sister's husband bought a Galaxy Ace 2 but when I see it I understood that it wasn't an original phone and hardwara and softwares was different than the original Samsung. Also it is Imei number was cloned and network carrier blocked the usage of the simcard so I can't use any simcard with the phone.

So I decided to write my old LG KM900 Arena IMEI number to Galaxy Ace 2, I did many researchers many things and spend my 3 days to do that and every single moment I learnt something about this issue. I learnt that I need to backup EFS partittion and then modify the IMEI area on a Hex Editor program and restore it back. BUT none of the ways for backing up EFS and restoring it didn't worked on Galaxy Ace 2 (EFS Professional, kTool, Aroma Installer, DrKetan Multitool, CWM OR TWRP,) By using all of these programs and my previous knowledge thanks to SGS III, I tried to back it up with a root explorer.

I learnt that the IMEI partitition isn't at the same block even on very similar devices like Galaxy Ace and Ace 2. So I need to analyze all of the peaces in dev/block section in the phone. EFS Professional programs showed that my EFS was in mmcblk0p7 but in reality not. First off all with ES File Explorer I went into dev/block section and I changed all the permission for 23 pieces of mmcblk files SO THAT I can copy them to my externalSd card. I did it and copied them and I find it so interesting that all this 23 files are approx. 18 GB! I opened each of them with Hex Workshop Editor and finally found my IMEI number in mmcblk0p5. I changed it with the other one and copied it to external sd card again.

Here is the problem... I can't copy it to dev/block section because there isn't enough space on this section. Interestingly all the files appear like 0 bytes but when I copy them to external sd card they are totaly 18 GB. mmcblk0p5 file seems 0 byte in the phone but in reality it is 1,21 GB so I can't copy it, it copies 317 MB of it and then gives an error there isn't enough space on the phone.

By the way terminal emulator also doesn't
The question is that; How can I copy this file to this specific location so that my IMEI changes.

Please give some advices if you know anything about this kind of stuff.

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