Homebrew Pogoplug alternative ???

OK I have a pogoplug. its a small device you plug into your network. you plug in storage (I used a 128gb thumbdrive for example or you can plug in a hard disc)

You install the pogoplug app on you phone and it "backs up" your pics and videos you shoot from the phone to the pogoplug storage space.

all automatically all in the background.

I want to do this but I don't want to use pogoplug. they give me NO control and it requires a connection to their servers. I want to use a homebrew solution that I control (and more importantly I can assign all my photo app folders etc.. and any other folder to be backed up)

SO here is what I am looking for and hoping this exists.

I want to backup from android to android. I have a bunch of S3 (I use them as timelapse camera's) so the idea is I plug in an S3 at home on my wifi network. use an otg cable to jack in a 128gb thumbdrive. that part is all easy.

now for the hard part. I need an app for my other phones that whenever I am on the same wifi network I want it to automatically and transparently back up my pics and video to the 128gb drive plugged into the "server s3" at home. remote wifi backup would be sweet but not required ie if I connect to any other wifi network for example.

any suggestions on how I can do this? I don't want sync. so if I delete pics on the phone I do not want it to delete the backup on the server s3 and I do not want it to copy them back to the phone from the S3.

just copy any pics or any files in any folder I designate TO the server s3 if they are not already their. that's it. transparently in the background.

a tiny widget that is either red or green (denoting not synced and fully synced) would be a really nice bonus. (a tiny 1x1 widget with just a red or green dot to indicate status maybe a third color for "actively syncing"

any suggestions?

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