[Q] Merge 2 Whatsapp Backups

Hey Guys,

I read a bit through this forum and i see you guys know a lot so I wanted to ask for help here .
Soo like the titel says i want to merge 2 Whatsapp Chatbackups together because i have 1 Chatbackup from my old Smartphone and one from my new One...I googled first and tried some methods i found there. First i tried SQlite Browser but it didnt work because my databases are like this: "msgstore.db.crypt7 or msgstore.db.crypt5 but they are supposed to be like this msgstore.db" correct me if im wrong ;p...so i tried WhatsappXtract and Sqlite Admin but it didnt work aswell...I tried to convert from crypt 7 and crypt 5 to crypt with Whatcrypt but it always failed. My Idea now is to 1. decrypt my Msgstores from msgstore.db.crypt7 to msgstore.db
2. To use this Instruction :

HOW TO MERGE SQLITE DATABASE FILES WITH SQLite Compare: 1. Open the old database file in SQLite Database Browser. Open the table messages in Browse Data. Press the Button " > " as often as necessary to get to the last page. Scroll down to the last message. Now write down the number (_id) of that last message, e.g. 65422 2. Now open the new database file in SQLite Database Browser. Open the table messages in Browse Data. Click on the first entry (which has most fields with value "-1"). Click on Delete Record. Have a look at the now first entry and write down the number (_id) of that first message, e.g. 12 Now Click on Execute SQL and execute the following SQL statement: UPDATE messages set _id = (65422 + 1 + _id - 12) (replace 65422 by your last message _id in the old database and 12 by your first message _id in the new database) 3. Now all messages in the new database have the correct _id`s. Click on Save. Close all windows of SQLite Database Browser. 4. Download & Install SQLite Compare. Open SQLite Compare. 5. File - Compare For example: Left file: msgstore-2012-06-01.1.plain.db Right file: msgstore-2012-06-07.1.plain.db (Make sure to have a backup of both files!) x Compare schema and data x Compare BLOB fields OK 6. Double Click on table "messages" in the result window OR left click on table "messages" and hit button "Edit selected difference..." 7. A new window opens, "Table messages" Click on blue button "R" (it`s located after "Refresh Comparison", "L" and before "≠", "=") 8. Now on the right side all messages are shown that aren`t included in the left file. Now you can select multiple messages (first left click on the first message to select, then scroll down to the last message to select and press SHIFT + left click on the last message to select). I noticed that you can`t handle too many messages at once as it produces an error. Just try. I succeeded with about 1000-1500 messages. Now click on the button with the arrow from right to left: ← Now the selected messages are copied from the right database to the left database. 9. Repeat the steps in (8.) until all the messages are copied from the right file to the left file. 10. Maybe you also need to to this for the table chat_list if there are some new chat contacts in the newer backup file. 11. Now the left file (e.g. msgstore-2012-06-01.1.plain.db) contains all the messages from the prior file msgstore-2012-06-01.1.plain.db and the newer file msgstore-2012-06-07.1.plain.db. (No saving necessary as the tool automatically applies the changes to the file after pressing the ← button).

Now i wonder if this would work and how do i do my first Step?

Sorry if this is a totally Wrong Thread im a Newbie
Thanks to everyone who read this! <3

Btw if anyone knows how to merge 2 Whatsapp Backups easier just tell me ^^

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