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I own a mtk phone, a Wiko Rainbow (Wiko -- a french low cost phone brand) and I recently got a quite awfuling problem: the sdcard is no more recognized afetr having been formatted The sdcard of the phone was no more recognized on any PC for some time. So I decided to format it so this issue be fixed. Then I did.

But now, the phone doesn't recognized the sdcard at all. No way to see it in phone browser. the sdacrd doesn't appear in Settings> memory too. I tried many kind of formatting : fast formatting, or not with Windows 8.1, I also delete the FAT 32 partition on sdcard, then recreate it in FAT32... No more success...

So I tried to access trough adb but no success...I get a strange error I've never seen when trying to cd to usual mouting point of sdcard (/mnt/sdcard1/) The error: Transport endpoint is not connected. Any idea so I recover my sdcard please ? that's really boring !

Thanks in advance

The phone has a stock recovery, is running android 4.4.2 KitKat, and is rooted.

[Edit] tested with an other Wiko Rainbow (which had some sdcard problem too) and same issue !! Exactly the same ! sdcard no more recognized with "Transport endpoint is not connected." issue trough adb ! I precise I used an other sdcard, but same brand that the first

So, to resume we have 2 phones Wiko Rainbow, 2 Samsung class 10 SDHC card, and exactly the same issue for the 2 devices ! Problem can't be software, because it's been updated some days ago for the both smartphones, and the problem didn't solve.

So I tend to think the samsung sdcard may be defective, due to too many R/W perhaps ? I have no idea.... Can somenone enlight me ?

Thanks in advance

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