The frustration of buying a new phone and the choices


I thought I had it down 6 weeks ago when I sold my Nexus 6 for a good price and bought the Nexus 5x

Then after about 3 weeks I fell out of love with the 5x

I was hoping for just a better version of my Nexus 5 (my all time fav android phone bar it's battery life)

And it just isn't, been getting some of the slow downs and lag other moan about and that missing extra GB ram vs the LG G4/Moto X Style can be felt.

So, started looking at the LG G4 and Moto X style, they look good and don't seem to suffer the throttling issues of the N5X

But something about them just does not click.

Not really a fan of Samsungs but had look anyway's, Note 4 is at a killer £360 on amazon UK, wow.

But it another monster, the real reason I sold the Nexus 6 was its size, not a prob for my hands, but having to remove it from my front pockets before I sat down anywhere got very old very quickly (cyclist, I have big thighs).

So, the quest continued, looked at the dark side aka the iPhone 6s/6s Plus
Fast and nice, all was going well with the demo phone, but then clicked to got to a website and it shoved me to the app store to get that sites app, erm no, tries again, same, I just want to got to website, not download the bloody app just to look at ONE thing.

Then starts looking at the OnePlus 2, wow, thats a lot of power and storage for under £300, but Oxygen OS is still very much a beta, many bugs reported.

Sits here scratching my head, and its thinking just go back to the Nexus 6 but get a 64GB version, can't stretch to a 6p unless I sell something (well I could but I don't want to.)

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