Utterly, totally and completely closing a program/browser, opening from scratch.

First a question on the browser:

Example: I open the browser for the first time ever, surf, whatever, close it. It's closed. Fully. Not running background, or anything. It's gone. I even restart/reboot the phone.

I open the browser again, but I can hit the "back" button to see previous visits. Even after clearing browsing history and such.

How can I have it set so that when I close the browser and start it again I start utterly from the homepage instead of where I last was, or with where I was lurking behind the "back button." I ask this because I tripped onto a site with some malicious intent, didn't get infected or anything but it starts with a pop-up saying something about being infected and needing a scan, locking out browsing controls. If I'm fast enough I can reload the site and click the "Home" icon to get there but it'd be really nice to be able to start completely cold.

I worked around this by simply opening a new tab and then closing the problem tab but, certainly, there's another way? What's the use of having a homepage if everytime you open the browser it begins where you left off with sites existing before you opening the browser anew?

It'd also be nice if there was some easier way to close programs and such without having to hold-down the menu button and swiping away background programs.

Sorry, new device and I'm new to Android so I'm trying to learn this stuff that was available on my previous phone.

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