Bricked MT6577 SoSoon/Senq X8 Elite 3, NO USB Debug/ADB, Stock Recovry No Roms to D/L

I've had an MT6577 phone sitting around for a few years now that's been stuck in a boot loop. My phone karked it today and this is the only device lying around, hoping it can be revived some how to save a few dollars.

It all happened one time when I tried to use an app to install a new font just to see what it looks like.

Seems to be the most obscure thing ever made as it has many names and models all with 0 firmware available. Typically SoSoon X8 Elite 3 shows up as the most common make but I recall the original box having Senq X8 Elite on it.

The bad?:
USB Debugging is almost certainly off because ADB can't find a device no matter if I just plug it in off, in bootloop (shows 2 drives on my PC that are not ready to be used in this stage), fastboot mode, recovery (install update from ADB)
Questionable root, one of those generic one click apps.
No stock or custom roms available any where that I have found from searches here and there over the last few years
I tried to follow a tutorial to port an MT6577 rom but I would need the kernel off the phone, which can't be done to my limited knowledge.
No custom recoveries available, running Android System Recovery 3e. Can't use TWRP MTK 1 click install on my PC because the device needs to be fully booted to work.

The good?:
Fastboot seems to work as it does show the device in the command prompt "fastboot devices"
I think the bootloader was unlocked at some point, no idea on the relevance of that.

Any information on if/how to sort it out is greatly appreciated.
Last ditch effort to try revive it because it was decently usable for what it is, hoping that someone on here has one lying around somewhere.

Will add more information as I remember and reply to any responses asap

Thanks for your time

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