Mystified & frustrated with sync problems!

I currently have a Samsung Note 4 and I'm running Outlook Mobile, 1.3.4. On my laptop I am also running Outlook, 2013 32 bit. My issue is in my attempt to synchronize the two. Please know upfront that I'm no techie, (which become quite obvious as you read further), but I'm no technical knucklehead either... My previous cell phone was a Blackberry and I had no problem syncing it with my PC .

Now I have the Samsung and thus am a newbie to Android. I started out using Android-sync and ran into all kinds of problems. Android tech support told me this was wrong and that I should be using a product know as Smart Switch. So I deleted the former and loaded the latter. My problem now is two fold.

First, I have a problem getting my appointments to show up on both platforms. Before, regardless of which device I used to enter the appointment once I ran a sync if would appear on both. This no longer happens. Now it doesn't show up on one or the other. Now the problem might be of my own creation. I've been using the android calendar which I really like because it not only shows the monthly view of the current month, but also shows the current days agenda at the bottom of the screen. Originally I was using a calendar which came with the phone, I assume it's a Samsung product, (icon is blue in color), don't like it. I then switched over to use the Android calendar, (icon is green). Today it just occurred to me, duhhh, that Outlook Mobile has it own calendar. I don't like it either. The Android calendar remains my preferred app for calendar.

So my first question is: Can I use Outlook mobile with the Android calendar or must I use the Outlook calendar? Also, I've tried so many sync sessions that now all three calendars have bits and pieces of my schedule. FRUSTRATING!

My second & related issue is contacts. Currently I use the Android app , (I think it's the Android app, green box icon), to find contacts and place calls. I have mucho duplicates and I mean mucho. One of my primary contacts has 22 entries! On top of that not all of them are complete records, sigh.

BTW I use two email accounts, one for business and one personal. Verizon is my carrier. Anybody out there that can help me??!!


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