[Help] [Boot Animation] Can't get second part of boot animation to work

I'm making a custom boot animation for my Samsung Galaxy S4 running Lineage OS 14.1 and only the first part works. I have desc.txt set up like this:

1080 1920 30 c 1 60 part0 c 0 0 part1

part0 works as intended, but when it should go to part1 it's just a black screen until the device boots. All my images are .png files with a bit depth of 32. In the part0 folder there is one image, 00000.png, and in the part1 folder there are 360 images, named 00000.png through 00359.png sequentially. part0 is supposed to be displayed for 2 seconds (and it does) before the animation moves on to part1, which is supposed to loop until the device finishes booting, but it doesn't display at all. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? If it makes a difference, the image in part0 was made in Gimp and the images in part1 were made with Processing and converted from 24 bit depth to 32 bit depth using imagemagick. Download link for bootanimation.zip:

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