ZTE Level/LG LS751ZV4 headaches

The ZTE blocks all attempts to install rooting app/apk. 3rd party installation is selected the thing is that when the waring box appears and I hit the drop down tab, the area is blank and there is no option to continue. I have no network connectivity on my laptop so PC methods fail. Have unlimited 4lte data on my stylo 3 m430 but cannot use wifi or USB tethering, didn't pay for it. Any ideas? More complicated is my soft bricked Lgls751zv5, boot loop with Security Error: authentication fail #9]. I believe the underlying problem, if I remember and am correct it is a matter of a bad path but idk. Have been able to boot into recovery menu, soft reset menu, firmware update screen and briefly a screen with a Android character, chest open, with the words no command. I have many tools only some of which work: LG Flash Tool 1.8(LG USB/Parallel Lock Key is not detected, LGUserCSTool(inert dialog box with question marks does not detect devices,)SPFlashToolv5. 1720win,... Actually I got a bunch, all but only LG Bridge works. I have used ADB/ADB Master to issue several commands with varied success. The only option from the recovery menu is ADB Sideload where the device is recognized. Remount, USB, sync, push etc fail. I did install a zv5 boot zip which it accepted and went into mode I described with android figure(bootloader??? ). In recovery menu [LGE] [Recovery] frst_status is 5 where it previously was status 6 before I fd with it. Repeatedly attempted SD card installation but always get footer is wrong, Signature failure. Tried running my zip and img files thru a signature app but no luck. Recovery logs say, got arguments from boot message locale is [en_US], stage is [d], reason is [{null}], can't open /dev/ttyo: no such file or directory. Build properly says it got 01/11/2015 security patch. Fastboot oem unlock fails.. Every thing fails. Any advice is welcome and I appreciate all who take the time to respond. *frustrated *

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