Help with cheap, old, crappy tablet.

Hi guys, I've got a nice little project for y'all
Like the title says, I have a crappy, old Chinese tablet (it was low specced back when I got it like 6 years ago so you do the math...) and I recently decided to mess with it because, why not? Anyway, specs are (from the top of my head) allwiner cpu (1.7 iirc), 512 mb ram, and 4 gb internal space. Yes, 4 of which less than a gig is available.
What I've done so far:
- root
- put in a micro SD (class 10)
- linked most apps (link2sd)
- frozen a couple of apps
- changed default launcher and browser to "lightweight" ones... (not sure about that though...)

I'd love it if you could help me get this POS to work as best as it can.

I'm looking to keep it as a a whatsapp and outlook client. With the occasional youtube video here and there and MAYBE as a chromecast device.

I'm looking for a TINY launcher (size AND footprint), same with a keyboard.
Also, I'd like to know which services and apps I could freeze or even remove without crippling the device (like I said, All I need it to do is whatsapp and outlook.)
Currently running arrow launcher (microsoft) which is as light as a car btw... and stock gboard keyboard (which is obviously very heavy on resources) and I'm almost positive it is running android 4.4.
And although the device works KINDA well I'd like to not have to wait for it to open the apps and for the keyboard to appear etc...

Sadly there are no custom roms available (obviously since not even the people who designed and produced this tablet know of its existence..)Any ideas would be very appreciated.
Thanks guys!

Oh, almost forgot. By any chance are there any alternative light weight clients to either whatsapp or outlook?

Thanks again.

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