Battery Draining While Plugged In...

Okay, so I have seen this question asked over and over. My situation seems a little more 'progressed' than the other though.

Lets begin.

One night I was drinking wine, taking a nice bath, and watching documentaries online. All at the same time. As I'm sure you're aware, it did not end well for my phone.
So, into the tub it goes. I quickly pull it out, stick it into a bag of rice, and pray for the best.

Day 1: The screen only works sometimes. It will shut off and not come back on after a fwe minutes but still responds to touch. I decide to put it back in the rice for a few more days.

Day 5: Same issue with screen. Put it back in longer.

Day 10: Screen works! Everything is wonderful. Oh, wait its not charging and its losing batter VERY fast. It must be a bad battery or charging port. (so I order a new battery and charging port)

Day14: Battery and Charge port arrive. I take the phone apart and replace the charging usb port on the phone. It comes with a new cord too so thats cool.
New battery is nice. STILL THE SAME ISSUE. NOT charging. NOT holding a charge.

SOMETHING is definitely draining the hell out of the battery faster that it can charge. I have replaced the battery, the usb charge port in the phone, the cord, and I have factory reset the phone.

I don't know what else I can do. If there is another part I can order and replace please tell me what it is.

Thank you

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